A girl’s (straight) eye for the gay guy. Why straight girls shouldn’t advise gay men about dating.

Disney’s Soapbox Princess. Read how Ralph responds to one man’s dismissal of the gay community in a vitriolic rant.

It’s a date, not marriage.
What happens when someone thinks you are exclusive before the first date occurs?

Life in the Old Dog


Which way is North? A consideration of what happens when we make dating decisions we regret.

Buyer beware. Exploring what can happen when you let your head choose rather than your heart.


It’s all about you. Decisions need to be made about what you want out of a relationship.


Learning to love. The importance of healthy relationships beyond the physical.


Life is a journey not a destination. Why you might not need to strive for that forever relationship.


When does no really mean no? Ending the interaction before it goes any further.

Daddy or chips? The dilemma of wisdom or beauty.

10 signs it’s over. How to spot if your relationship is coming to an end.


Getting it all wrong. Dating errors that leave Ralph heading home alone.




Little Black Dress. The date who will always fit you and make you look and feel great.

Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon ’em. Efforts to impress a date.


Honesty is the best policy. How to get out of the rut you find yourself in.

New Year’s Resolution. Realising you’re important before elevating a date to a position of prestige.

The fire blanket. When your date seeks to smother your fire.


Shared dreams: Different behaviours. The need to see dating as an experience of two people sharing a single view or the world.

Just say cheese. Choosing the compatible date from the cheeseboard of life.

Try something different I thought. The date with few manners.

When good get better. Enjoying a positive relationship in which you feel loved.

God loves a trier. When a date takes more than an extra step to impress and risks tripping up.